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Ways of Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

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Are you having trouble having an erection or keeping it up, no matter the environment you are in? That could be a sign that you have erectile dysfunction. The condition is becoming more common among men regardless of the age. The primary cause of the condition is inadequate of blood flow to the penis, or a dysfunction of any of the nerves responsible for erection. Different factors can lead to dysfunctioning, and they include an unhealthy lifestyle, use of drugs and alcohol, emotional distress among others. Below are some of the simple ways of handling the condition

  1. Get on a healthy diet

According to Dr. Mucher, a healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains reduces the risk of getting ED or its effects in those who already have it. On the other hand, red meat is not advised because, besides increasing weight, it increases the risks for ED. Besides, overweight men are at higher risk of getting erectile dysfunction than those of standard size.

  • See a doctor for medication

Visiting your doctor early offers the best shot at dealing with the problem. Treatment of ED involves diagnosis, which also entails finding out the category under which your condition falls, depending on the severity; mild, moderate, complete. After pinpointing this, you are then put under medication which can be taken by mouth, injected into the penis, injected into the urethra or surgery. Vacuum devices could also be recommended.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption

As mentioned above, ED is caused by the dysfunction of a nerve that controls erection. Inadequate release of nitric oxide by the central nervous system is also a potential cause. When you consume a lot of alcohol, your central nervous system gets distressed, and it becomes less functional. This results in less release of nitric oxide, which is the basic chemical for development of an erection and for maintaining it.

  • Reduce the use of drugs, especially smoked drugs

Erectile dysfunction is also resultant from vascular disease. Now, a lot of smoking leads to the narrowing of the arteries, which leads to the slow flow of blood, hence vascular disease. However, this is not exclusively because of the smoke because even the smokeless tobacco has the same effect. Controlling your use of tobacco or other drugs can effectively reduce the impacts of erectile dysfunction

  • Reduce emotional distress

Even though physical factors mostly cause the condition, emotional issues such as anxiety, depression or relationship problems are also potential causes. Therefore, going for counseling for couples or talking out issues with your partner can help reduce or eliminate the condition.

  • Exercise regularly

Statistically, exercising is the most effective way of handling erectile Dysfunction. This is because it helps in reducing weight, helps in reducing emotional distress, and it also relaxes the body and allows free movement of blood. For this reason, those who exercise reduce not only risks of ED but also have healthy erections.

This condition is attributed to by both physical and psychological problems, and the above remedies can help you get back on track and have a healthy sex life.

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