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3 Healthy Flying Tips

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Not long ago, flying was a reason to get excited. Hopping on a plane, if you could afford it, was just as easy as hopping on a bus as well. Flying can be a hectic experience today. It is no longer fun for many people. Cases of terrorism has made flying an ordeal that one keeps wishing will end sooner than later. Talk of long safety check queues, going through lists of what you can or can’t carry with you, weighing your luggage to ensure it is the right weight, and a lot of other stressful things.

Physical health issues tend to arise a well. People suffer from aching limbs, sleep disorders, swollen ankles and other conditions as a result of flying. Coping with jet lag can be difficult as well. Travelling around the world is certainly fun, but having to deal with some of these challenges might be worrying to some people. Below are tips you can use to ensure you have a healthy flight.

Stay Comfortable and Try to Get Some Sleep

You need to ensure your body is relaxed throughout the flight. Being tensions for a long flight can be detrimental to your health. The first step to ensuring you are comfortable is getting the right seat on the plane. It is important to get a flexible seat.

Also, sitting on a window seat is advised. You will have control of over the window sunshade, and you can lean against it when you need to. Ensure you bring a neck pillow if you can, and wear loose and comfortable clothing. Avoid taking anything that will deprive you some sleep while on the plane.

Try to Get Some Exercise

If you are on the plane for hours on end. Engaging in a little bit of activity will reduce the risk of suffering DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). DVT is a life-threatening condition where a blood clot develops somewhere in the deep vein, then travels to the lungs. The clot could develop as a result of being immobile for long. Stand up and walk around when you can. It will help you deal with boredom, aches and pains as well.

Talk to Someone

If you can, bring someone you can talk and have fun with on the plane. If you can’t bring anyone, you could kick up a conversation with the person next to you if they are up for it. It will save you a lot of boredom and worry.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with flying challenges. Health challenges as a result of flying are a major concern though. Finding a way to deal with them will make your flying experience a lot more wholesome.

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