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5 Ways of Soothing Your Baby’s Pain During Vaccination

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Your baby’s vaccination period can be stressful for you and the baby. Some of the shots are not only painful while they are being administered, but also afterwards. You baby might keep crying or develop fever as a result of the shots. Little babies have to endure up to 20 vaccination shots, and sometimes more depending on their health conditions.

Vaccinations are very essential and should never be absconded. These shots will protect your baby from dangerous and sometimes fatal diseases. The vaccinations help the child’s body develop antibodies that fight against certain diseases and infections. The vaccination will help your kid while they are young, and keep helping them even when they get older.

Soothing Your Baby’s Pain

Some of the vaccine shots can be quite painful for the baby. They might cry themselves to fever. It is important that you try as much as you can to try and soothe their pain. Below are 5 ways in which you can soothe your baby’s pain.

  1. Feed the Baby Properly

Feeding your baby well can help soothe the pain they have to endure during vaccinations. Try to breastfeed your baby immediately after they get the shot. The breastfeeding might distract their senses from the effects of the shot. Distraction is one of the most effective methods of ensuring your baby does not suffer too much pain as a result of vaccination shots. Distraction is works magic with light shots. Some babies do not realize they’ve taken the shot while distracted.

  1. Numbing Medicine

You can ask your baby’s doctor about the possibility of administering numbing medicine on the baby. Numbing medicine is not applicable at all times. It depends on the baby’s health condition and age. The medicine is particularly important for newborns whose bodies are not stable enough to handle sharp drastic pains.

  1. Use Tylenol to Prevent Fever

After some vaccinations, your baby might continue feeling the pain, and they might develop a fever. Even if numbing medicine had been used on them, it will wear off after some time. Have some Tylenol around and give it to the baby to ensure they don’t develop a fever. Try to distract the baby so that it doesn’t keep crying as well.

  1. Ask About Combination Vaccines

To reduce the number of shots your baby is to get, you can ask the doctor about the possibility of administering combination vaccines. Combinations vaccines are those administered once to prevent against two or more diseases. This means your baby does not have to receive separate shots for each of the diseases.

There are many other ways of soothing your baby’s pains. After studying your baby for a few months, you will now what comforts them when they are in distress. Some babies like to cuddle or to get their skin rubbed. Understand your baby and help them brave the tough vaccination periods.

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