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Breast Implants Increase the Risk of Getting Cancer. Not Breast Cancer Though.

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Many women around the world have opted to get breast important to improve the appearance of their chest. A new NBC report has linked breast implant to a rare type of cancer. Many would automatically assume that breast implants will put you at risk of getting breast cancer. That’s not true, although they do increase the chances of getting breast cancer.

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma is the type of cancer that has been linked to breast implants. It is a rare type of cancer that affects the immune system. Women who have breast implants should be aware of the symptoms of this cancer, which normally show up a couple of years after surgery.

Infections and scarring are some of the most feared risks while getting breast implants. Many people are aware of them. The new NBC report now reveals that women seeking to get breast implants should consider the risks of contracting anaplastic large cell lymphoma as well. In many cases, this cancer will appear within the scar tissue or fluid around the implant. It can spread throughout the woman’s body at times.

On a brighter note, anaplastic large cell lymphoma is quite rare, and it is easily curable. A link between breast implants and cancer was first noted in 2011, although it was established the risk was quite low. By then, it was estimated that the prevalence was one in 1000000. However, with more people getting breast implants now, the registry has developed and the risk is believed to be higher.

FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) reports show that 414 reports had been received by September 2017, with nine of the victims having died. That means although the cancer is quite rare, the risk might be higher than initially thought, or it is growing for one reason or the other.

Over half of the cases reported were diagnosed after seven to eight years of carrying the implants. Any woman carrying breast implants should be aware of the symptoms, but there is no cause to get alarmed.

Symptoms of anaplastic large cell lymphoma include

  • Swelling and stinging pain around the implant
  • Lumps under the breast’s skins
  • Thick and noticeable scar around the implant

It is important that you seek the attention of your surgeon immediately if you start experiencing these symptoms. A routine check-up by your surgeon even if you haven’t experienced any symptoms is a good thing as well.


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