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Cloth Diapers or Disposable Diapers

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When it comes to which diapers to use on their babies, most women often get confused and end up choosing what they had not planned to. There are some things you need to consider before buying diapers, and the most significant one is how it affects the baby, then, of course, there is the issue of the cost and environmental effect and so on. Below are some of the factors discussed.

  1. Health factor

Even though both cloth and disposable diapers are suitable to the baby healthwise, as long as it is the right size and it is changed regularly, there is still the issue of the chemicals present in the disposable diapers. These chemicals may cause irritation and discomfort to the baby. Also, like most disposables, the diapers are bleached using dioxin which is a confirmed human carcinogen, that is, it can cause cancer in humans. The soft and chemical-free feel of the cloth diaper is, therefore, usually more preferable.

  1. Cost

The purchasing cost of one cloth diaper is usually a little more than that of a disposable diaper. However, when all expenses are totaled up, disposable diapers are way more expensive than the cloth diapers. Statistically, mothers who use cloth diapers spend $800 to $1000 against the cost of the disposable diapers which is $2000 to $3000 in two years. Moreover, cloth diapers are more durable and can be used over and over again. Using the disposables may be a little unreliable especially if there is no consistent income with which you can purchase the diapers whenever they run out.

  1. Convenience

Unlike the old cloth diapers which were complicated to fold and had those scary pins, the new cloth diapers are more advanced and probably more convenient than the disposable ones. They come in different designs and have tight bands around the waist and legs. The only problem, however, is that cloth diapers are less absorbent, a problem which can also help in making you change the diapers as regularly as is good for the baby.

  1. Environmental factor

Until they reach the age where they do not use them anymore, babies require around eight thousand disposable diapers. All these are produced using thousands of trees and plastics. Besides the production, disposables pollute the environment when not disposed of well, and when done well, they use up vast acres of land.

It might not be a convenient choice for you, due to all the washing required, but cloth diapers areway more beneficial than the disposable ones.

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