A Healthy, Happier Life Takes Committment On Your Part

Corporate Wellness A Trend For 2017?

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With each new year, people make it a habit to promise that they would make a commitment to better health and wellness. The same type of trend would be seen in the corporate world for the coming months. Corporate wellness is no longer the fad that it was as seen in the past. In the recent years, wellness programs have sprung out, and if the stats are right, this is estimated to balloon even further in the future. What could be the wellness trends that are expected to come this 2017? Here are some of them:

Flexible Environment

Many companies implement the 9 to 5 rule but some of these may be open to letting their employees have a flexible schedule and work environment. What are the possible benefits? If you’re an employer, you could expect to see better performance at work. Those who work on flexible schedule have been observed to not have any problems with absenteeism; they are more likely to report higher levels of job satisfaction.

Work from Home

Modern companies are already making use of this one. For employees, working from home offer the added benefit of not being stuck in traffic while going to work, the ability to tend to the needs of kids better, and increased productivity. For employers, this may save you the cost of having to rent an office space, beneficial if you are conducting your business online.

Free Trainings on Financial Wellness

Many of those who enter the workforce are in need of sound advice such as the ones who have student debts to pay. Classes and resources that seek to improve financial literary is now becoming a normal occurrence in the corporate world. Some of the businesses that are doing it offer these the classes and trainings because they understand that financial problems could make employees feel stressed at work hence the need for the assistance.

Bottom Line

Companies need to invest in the health and wellness of their employees. Investing in this will result to better work performance, which could directly affect the company for the better.


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