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Easy Ways to Curb Appetite for Better Weight Loss

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Losing weight requires the need to cut back on your caloric intake. But some diet plans make you crave for food which is definitely not a good thing especially when you are trying to lose weight. If you are struggling curbing your appetite, here are some things that could help:

Studies show that foods that are rich in fiber such as lentils, beans, peas, and chickpeas can help you feel fuller by up to 31% compared to those that do not have it. Since fiber expands, stretching the stomach, it empties at a much slower rate, which can also help you feel fuller for longer. Aside from weight-loss benefits, fiber-rich foods are dense in minerals, vitamins, plant compounds, and antioxidants which is great for overall health. It can be observed that very few people reported side-effects from its consumption.
Eat Fiber-rich Foods

Drink Water

Drinking water before a meal can help you cut your food intake. Studies show that those who drink two glasses before a meal are more likely to consume 22% less food compared to those who do not. Alternatively, consuming a bowl of soup could decreases total caloric intake by about 100 calories.

Inhale Some Yummy Vanilla Scent

Vanilla scent can help reduce cravings for ice-cream. Experts believe that vanilla scent contains neuropeptides, also known as gut-to-brain messengers, and these send the brain signals that fool it into believing that it has already satisfied cravings for sweets. If you do not have vanilla in the kitchen, other things that smell of vanilla should also do the trick like candles, lotions, and extracts.

Keep Stress at Bay

Stress leads to elevated levels of cortisol in the body, which resists the hormone leptin, the chemical that’s responsible for making your feel full. This is why the more stressed you are, the more likely that you won’t be able to tell if there’s an immediate need for you to eat. One of the best ways to keep this is check is through performing breathing exercises.

So if you need to curb your appetite, the tips above should help and could even aid you in losing the excess pounds, and help you live a happier, healthier life.

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