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Garlic Supplements Review – Should You Use It?

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Garlic is popular as a culinary ingredient for many types of foods. Today, science says that it offers an abundance of health benefits, the reason why this herb is now being sold in supplement form. Before taking it, you may be interested in reading its pros and cons first, some of which are provided below:

The Pros:

Here are some of the benefits that you can get when you use garlic supplement:

  1. This helps regulate blood pressure and aids in managing cholesterol levels.
  2. Has the ability to impede the development of atherosclerosis of the aorta (also known as hardening of the arteries)
  3. Can possibly lower the risk of stomach and colon cancer in people who have high dietary intake.
  4. Regular intake of garlic supplement could protect or help you recover better from viral upper respiratory tract infections.
  5. These are rich in polyphenols, chemicals that can help lower the risk of cancer and the onset of inflammation.
  6. It’s recommended for diabetics because of its ability to control blood sugar levels.
  7. Studies show that topical garlic cream is effective in treating athlete’s foot.
  8. FDA says that garlic supplements are safe to use.

The Cons

There are some things that can’t be treated by garlic as well as other potential side-effects:

  1. Garlic supplements are blood thinners and should not be used by patients who are prone to bleeding.
  2. It does not promise to treat vascular disease.
  3. May cause skin irritation to people with sensitive skin.
  4. It’s not proven effective against lung or breast cancers.
  5. It will not benefit people whose high cholesterol levels are genetic in nature.

Bottom Line

So should you use it? Just like any other supplement, you may want to talk this out with your doctor first. Garlic supplement is not recommended for use for pregnant women and people who are allergic to garlic.

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