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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Jade Egg Business

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It’s business as usual for Gwyneth as her lifestyle publication is promoting jade eggs. What is it exactly?

Jade egg has been historically used in Taoist practice by the female population to improve sexuality. It’s something that you put inside your vagina.

Goop featured this in one of their posts, Better Sex: Jade Eggs for Your Yoni.  According to actress Shiva Rose, Jade eggs have numerous benefits such as cultivating sexual energy, increasing orgasm, balancing women’s cycle, tightening and toning the vaginal walls, and intensifying feminine energy to name a few.

Gwyneth was slammed by some. Many of her women audience seems to think otherwise. The jade stones in her website are currently sold out. Women will have to wait if they wanted to make a purchase. Goop sells a 1 to 2 inch jade for 66 dollars a piece.

The post may be the reason why it’s selling like hotcakes. It mentions in here that the jade eggs were used by queens and concubines to stay in shape for the emperor. Once inserted into the vagina, women can go on about their day as they usually would. You can pretty much do anything even with the egg inside you – sleep, walk, and even when you exercise. There are exemptions though – the jade eggs can’t be used by women who are pregnant, having their period, and those who use IUD.

The jade egg is considered a very hot item right now but acclaimed gynecologist Dr Jen Gunter warns the public against using it. According to Gunter, using a jade egg increases the likelihood of deadly toxic shock syndrome or bacterial vaginosis.

Gwyneth has become popular for suggesting the use of overly expensive health fads through Goop. Judging from the sold out jade eggs, many people couldn’t care less about the hefty price tags.

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