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Health Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga is among the widely known exercises in the world. Besides being extremely helpful to the physical being, yoga also has emotional, spiritual and mental importance. Additionally, yoga has been proven to be highly beneficial to health, and rarely do those who practice it fall sick. Read below for details on the benefits of yoga.

  1. Relieve Anxiety

The significance of yoga has often been misinterpreted. Many people think the primary importance of yoga is to enhance physical fitness, which is not the case. In as much as physical fitness is among the many things yoga does, it is more efficient at relieving anxiety. In various studies that have been taken, people with anxiety and stress disorders who take part in yoga practices tend to lower their complications by almost 55% after a few months of exercising. Another great way to relieve anxiety is with the use of different massage techniques.

  1. Reduction of inflammation

Inflammation is an immune response, which when not taken seriously, can lead to diseases like diabetes, cancer and some the common heart diseases. Results of a study done in 2015 show that individuals who practice yoga regularly are at less risk of getting these post-inflammatory diseases since the strenuous exercises help reduce inflammatory markers.

  1. Enhance breathing

Yoga exercises like pranayama help enhance our breathing pattern, which is a benefit to the whole body. It helps us focus our attention on breathing, and therefore be able to draw in large volumes of air. Besides, the breathing exercises also help in cleaning the nasal passages, which is a good thing for those people with allergies.

  1. Help to deal with and reducing depression

Various yoga postures help in reducing the level of cortisol in the body, which after that decreases the level of serotonin; the major transmitter of depression. This, therefore, makes yoga an antidepressant exercise, one which is most of the time prescribed by therapists to their patients who are suffering from depression.

  1. Enhance balance and flexibility

This is a physical benefit of yoga. Among the various yoga exercises, there are those that are specifically meant to aim at improving flexibility and balance. According to a recent study, ten weeks of yoga is enough to cause a significant impact on your flexibility and balance.

  1. Strengthen joints

According to various studies carried out, people with joint problems like arthritis and do yoga regularly have a high chance of better mobility. Yoga postures allow you to use your joints without getting hurt and therefore making them stronger. This, therefore, increases ease in movement and improved mobility.

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