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Heart Attacks Among Young Women Are On The Rise

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New research is revealing a worrying trend about cases of cardiac arrests in recent decades. Results show that young women are more at risk of suffering cardiac arrests than young men. They are also at more risk of suffering other cardiometabolic conditions.

Cardiovascular diseases are the number one men and women killer in the US. They are responsible for about 836546 deaths per annum. However, set differences are emerging as a critical factor in the prevalence of some of the diseases, such as heart attacks.

There is a common misconception that heart diseases are men’s diseases. That is as a result of the high prevalence of coronary heart disease which mostly affects men.

New Research

The American Heart Association Scientific Sessions has published research showing evidence that heart attacks are becoming more common in young women than men.

The research examined the data of up to 29000 people of ages 35-74, who had been admitted to hospital with cardiovascular diseases between 1995 and 2014. The results showed that there was a steady rise in the number of young people admitted for heart attack, and the increase was more substantial in young women.

The research also revealed that young women were at higher risk of getting diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and hypertension than young men.

“Cardia disease is sometimes considered an old man’s disease, but the trajectory of heart attacks among young people is going the wrong way…It’s actually going up for young women.” Said DR. Sameer Arora, the lead author of the research.

Dr Arora said that cardiologists, as well as other healthcare professionals, needed to start being more attentive to women’s cardiovascular health.

The research found that women are less likely to be treated for cardiovascular diseases than men as a result of the belief that heart diseases only affect men.

General health check-ups are important for everyone. Asking your doctor to examine your cardiovascular health if you are a young woman might now be important. Doctors should start examining include cardiovascular health checks in their general health check-up for women process as well.

Cardiovascular diseases kill a lot of people because they are difficult to diagnose. Many people will start feeling uncomfortable, and with breathing problems and assume its probably a cold. Numbness on your left hand is also a common sign that you might have a heart attack.

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