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High Testosterone Can Drive Men Into Spending Stupidly

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Men are more often than not more spendthrift than women. Young men, in particular, are obsessed with high-roller spending. It is common to see young men borrow money to spend on luxuries. A new study had linked these traits to high levels of testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that defines a man. It is the hormone that brings out male features and character traits.

According to this new study, testosterone burst might make a man start buying brand name luxury stuff. Sometimes its stuff they don’t even need. Researchers from the California Institute of technology in conjunction with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania conducted the research published in Nature Communications earlier this month.

The Research

The research was conducted with the help of 243 male volunteers, aged between 18 and 55. They were randomly selected and given a dose of testosterone or placebo. They would then take preference tests when their testosterone levels were at the peak.

The research revealed that men who were given a dose of testosterone had a higher affinity for luxury items than those who got the placebo. That suggested that men will spend more when their testosterone levels are high. There a couple of instances when male testosterone levels are expected to spike.

  • Men will get testosterone boosts during highly competitive events such as sports.
  • They will also get a testosterone spike when they see attractive and potential mates
  • Testosterone levels in males might hit the roof during significant life events such as marriage or graduation

It is quite common to see men in these circumstances spending a lot more money than they should. Overspending can have adverse effects on the social welfare of people. More research is needed in the subject. If at all spikes in testosterone levels will make men overspend unconsciously, a solution should be developed. Men’s testosterone levels will naturally spike at some points in their life. Researchers should try and find out how much control the man has over his spending habits at such moments.

Testosterone is known to raise the spirits of a man. This new research is interesting, and the results are making sense. The research has not been completed yet. The research should involve coming up with solutions to control overspending while testosterone levels surge. Suppressing the testosterone levels is not an option. There are many proven health implications in men as a result of having low testosterone levels




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