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Natural Home Remedies for Pain Relief

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While pain medications are now available for those who suffer from chronic pains like that of arthritis, some of these have been found to have potential side-effects. Instead of these,  a number of reputable sources are now recommending the use of natural home remedies because these do not often pose health risks. For pain relief, here are some good choices:


Turmeric is popularly used in India for common cuisines. This contains compounds that deliver anti-inflammatory effects. Research suggests that using this in combination with Devil’s claw and bromelain can help ease pain in osteoarthritis patients.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is rich in magnesium. New studies suggest that magnesium can help in pain management, even suggested for use on athletic injuries. It was also observed that magnesium deficiency is one of the causes of osteoporosis and arthritis. Science says that magnesium helps regulate 300 enzymes in the body too. To use for pain, simply add this to warm bathwater and soak as usual.


Doing some workout, even the light ones, could be the last thing you want to do when you are down with pain. However, experts now say that this should be on top of the list since it can help your body produce its own natural painkillers. When you exercise, your body releases hormones like endorphins, chemicals that can increase your pain threshold. If you are in too much pain to do some physical activities, start slowly and then build as you are able to do so.


A study has been done on meditation to see how this will affect chronic pain sufferers. Out of the 109 patients, those who practiced mindfulness meditation reported pain relief as well as better mental health where they had lower levels of depression and anxiety. If you find this practice hard to do, there are now guided mindfulness meditation that can help you get started.

Pain should not stop you from getting a quality life when there are now ways by which you can help ease it. The natural options above are safer compared to some of the known pain relief medications sold in the market.


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