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Preventing Bacterial Vaginosis

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Among the most delicate parts of a woman’s body is the vagina. Now, our vaginas are often exposed to many infections, ones that we get to know, and those that just happen without us even noticing; which is very weird. The most common infection that infects the sacred place is bacterial vaginosis. This infection makes up the highest percentage of vaginal infections. It is caused by things like washing the vagina using strongly scented soaps, frequent use of antibiotics and, though not basically a cause, new sexual partners

The infection is characterized by a lot of yellow, grey, or white discharge which smells like fish and is more noticeable after sex, pain during intercourse followed by bleeding, and a burning sensation when peeing. The following are the ways you can safely prevent the infection:

Avoid douching

Bacterial vaginosis is caused by the interference of the pH balance in the vagina. Some vaginas are very sensitive and get easily infected with just a little bit of douche. Douching involves forcing water or over-the-counter solutions into the vaginal cavity.  These solutions affect the chemical balance of the vagina, hence changing the pH, which ultimately causes bacterial vaginosis.

  • Change tampons or pads frequently

The stress that comes with menstruating is usually so overwhelming, and sometimes you may end up being so lazy and not feeling like getting up often. However, one thing that you should never get tired of doing is changing your tampon or pads. When you use one tampon or pads for over eight hours, you create an environment for harmful bacteria to build up, which as a result causes bacterial vaginosis.

  • Take probiotics

Unknown to many people, there are good bacteria and bad ones, and bacterial vaginosis is caused by the latter. We stand high chances of not getting infected when we increase the level of good bacteria in us. The most effective way of increasing the levels of these bacteria is by taking probiotics. There are supplements which, according to a study conducted in 2014, can help prevent or even treat the infection. Yogurt has also been found to be very effective in establishing a balance of the bacteria in the vagina.

  • Regular washing of the vagina and wiping from front to back

When not maintained, the vagina can hoard lots of dirt. This dirt slowly decays in us and turn into bacteria which when left there interferes with the balance of the vagina, hence bacterial vaginosis. For this reason, you should always wash the vagina using a lot of warm water, but not with any other products. Also, make it a habit to always wipe from the front to the back, that is, away from the vagina toward the rectum. Otherwise, the bacteria from stool will affect the vagina.

  • Protected sex

One frequent factor that increases vulnerability towards bacterial vaginosis is having multiple sexual partners or new sexual partners. Using condoms will reduce the contact between you and the new or many partners, hence preventing the infection.

  • Loosely-fitting cotton underwear

The vagina is safer when it gets the free circulation of air. However, when we use certain types of lingerie like spandex, we eliminate the chances of free air circulation and moisture is trapped in which creates a potential breeding area for bacteria. But, cotton underwears are air-spaced and breathable, hence most recommended. Also, ensure the underwear is not tight.

Bacterial vaginosis is not very harmful in its early stages. However, when not treated, it can lead to vulnerability to STDs, premature delivery for the pregnant women, and development of PID (pelvic inflammatory disease).

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