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Signs and Symptoms that You Should See a Urologist

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Knowing when to see a urologist is never easy. This is because knowing which signs are serious enough to need a doctor and which ones are common is usually not as simple as it sounds. Well, this should not be a problem anymore. Briefly discussed below are some of the signs for which you should watch out.

  1. A lot of peeing

When you are using the facilities more than normal, there could be an infection, and a urologist can help you determine whether it is overreactive bladder or urinary continence. He will also advise which type of treatment is suitable, whether surgical treatment, lifestyle modification or medication.

  1. Erectile dysfunction in men

While most erections are psychologically triggered, sometimes it gets uncontrollable, or sometimes it becomes difficult getting one. This may also be a psychological problem but often people assume so, and later on, find out it was physical or an underlying medical problem.

  1. Persistent Urinary tract infection

Ones in a while we experience painful urination, accompanied by burns. Though not in all cases, this is not a serious condition to cause panic and can be treated using antibiotics. However, in some cases, the condition is usually more persistent, and the burns and painful urination won’t just stop. In this case, it is essential to see a urologist for examination for interstitial cystitis. If it is the case, he will prescribe for you anti-inflammatory drugs. The condition can also be reduced by lowering the use or abstaining from drugs and spicy foods.

  1. Kidney Stones

Are you experiencing pain on one side of your lower back, blood in the urine, stomach pain and cloudy urine? These could be signs of kidney stones. The pain of kidney stones is usually persistent and intense. It is advisable that you see a urologist immediately so that you get diagnosed and also get treated before the condition worsens.


  1. You are having problems making your partner pregnant

It is never easy to tell where the problem lies when you and your partner are having problems of getting pregnant. It is there essential that you see a urologist and determine whether you have medical issues and if you should see a physician for help.

  1. Intense pelvic pain

Pelvic pain can be very disturbing and persistent. It can also be a sign of health problems like interstitial cystitis, bladder cancer, prostate inflammation, prostate infection or kidney cancer. For this reason, it is important to react fast towards and see a urologist to get the correct diagnosis and get advise on what to do.

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