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Taking Care of your Baby’s Skin

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Do you have a newborn baby and can’t seem to get it right in making sure your baby’s skin is in perfect shape? This should not be a problem. Many mothers, especially first-timers, find it hard to keep their babies from skin conditions like eczema, rashes, among others. Discussed below are some useful tips you can apply.

  1. Avoid using scented products in early months

Babies’ skins are always very delicate, and just a little irritation can amount to a skin condition. It is therefore advisable that you resist the urge to use scented products on your baby’s skin during the first few months, as they may contain harmful chemicals.

  1. Use a good diaper brand

Though diapers are meant to make the baby comfortable, failing to choose the right one may not provide as much comfort as intended. Instead, it would cause rashes on the skin of the body. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you buy your baby the right size and the right brand.

  1. Changing diapers regularly

With your newborn requiring new stuff and other needs you need to cater for, the cost can sometimes be so much, and you might be tempted to reuse the baby’s diapers or have him/her use one diaper for a longer time than it is advisable. Using diapers for more extended periods is highly advised against since it causes rashes that may cause skin irritation to the baby.

  1. Wash the baby’s clothes before wearing

Washing the baby’s clothes and towels regularly, using the right detergents helps get rid of the bacteria in the cloths that may cause skin irritation. You should, therefore, ensure that the baby’s clothes are always clean before they wear them. It is also safe washing them separately from other clothes.

  1. Avoid bathing your baby too often

Every mother’s wish is to keep their babies as clean as possible, and therefore some of them wash their babies any moment they see dirt. This might be a good thing, but on also a bad thing. The baby’s skin has a natural oil which helps keep the skin healthy. Washing the baby too often will cause the remove the oil quickly.

Washing the baby one a day or two days is enough to keep her clean. The rest of the time you should just clean the diaper area using wipes.

  1. Avoid exposing the baby to direct sunlight

Since the baby’s skin is delicate, exposing it to direct sunlight will damage it and cause dryness. The right age to start exposing the baby to direct sun is at three months. If you are walking with the baby during a scotched day, pants and long sleeve shirts should help.

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