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Top 5 Countries with the Best Healthcare Systems

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A London-based research institute that goes by the name of Legatum Institute recently ranked countries, according to which of these have the best healthcare systems. Using different variables such as health infrastructure, preventive care, and basic physical and mental health, they came out with the following countries as their top 5:


Luxembourg is considered to have the best healthcare system in the world. This has a state funded healthcare system where all of its citizens get to enjoy basic medical coverage. All of the hospitals in this country are run by the government’s Caisse de Maladie. They have a life expectancy rate of 82.


Singapore puts great emphasis on the health care of its citizens. Sources would reveal that Singaporeans are mandated to have a health saving plan, named Medisave, which is very much similar to the 401K retirement plan in the United States. The government requires healthcare professionals to make the costs of procedures transparent and this also has a hand when it comes to the prices and policies implemented by private insurance companies. The life expectancy in Singapore is 83.1.


The government of Switzerland implements a universal healthcare service where all of its citizens are required to have a health insurance. This makes up for the fact that there is no free state-provided healthcare service in the county. They also have a high life expectancy rate.


Among all other countries, Japan has the highest life expectancy rate at the age of 83.7 years old. The government is very strict about providing good quality medical care for its citizens. It also heavily regulates policies of its insurers and healthcare providers.


Some have described the healthcare system of Netherlands as efficient and universally accessible. Its government plays a key role in the basic health care for its citizens, regulating the accessibility, affordability, and quality of services rendered. It was given the top spot at the annual Euro health consumer index in year 2015.

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