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Vacationing Safely During Covid -19 Outbreak

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Vacationing safely during the Covid-19 outbreak is the only option for many who planned their vacation way before the pandemic outbreak. Life post-corona is different and the quicker we realize this, the easier it will be for us to adapt to the unique challenges posed by the virus outbreak. Irrespective of whether you’ve a college reunion to attend or a vacation in the beaches, safety must be at the top of your priority list.

The good news is that most of the states in the US have reopened and things are returning to normalcy, albeit a little slowly. However, there’s still many restrictions on international travel and you’ve to adhere to safety protocols to prevent contacting corona. The mantra is to have fun while strictly taking the necessary safety precautions. Here’re some smart tips to vacationing safely and making the most of your summer holidays:


You need to choose a place that has very few new cases or hospitalizations over the past couple of weeks. Search for the destinations that have shown a steady decline in the rate of infections over two weeks

  • Gather all requisite information about quarantine and travel restrictions
  • Carry out a risk assessment if you’re visiting an old acquaintance or travelling in a group
  • Learn about the rules in your own state to find out whether you’ll be quarantined on returning or not


Flying is always safe then dining out or taking a dip in the pool as new studies have shown that surfaces touched frequently aren’t a big source of transmission. However, flying comes with its set of risks and here’s how you can travel safely with your family and friends.

  • Airline policies must be checked thoroughly before travelling to find out whether you’re comfortable with it
  • Book seats with airlines that are keeping the middle seats vacant to maintain distancing
  • It’s always better to book window seats
  • Carry disinfectant wipes to clean the seat thoroughly before sitting on it and don’t forget to sanitize the armrest
  • Don’t open the mask during the entire flight
  • Avoid waiting in the queue to the restroom

Road trips

Experts say that driving is probably the safest way to travel this summer. Just ensure the following safety precautions:

  • Carry adequate number of masks, disinfectant wipes, paper towels and hand sanitizer
  • During rest stops, avoid touching anything and even if you do, use paper towels and hand sanitizer
  • Keep the mask on while taking rest stops or at gas stations
  •  In case you use gloves, discard them before getting in your car
  • Bring in adequate amount of food to avoid unnecessary stoppages
  • Use your credit card to pay for gas or food

Rental Homes and Hotels

The following steps will keep you safe during your stay at rental homes and hotels:

  • Check in with your hotel owner about the time between your check in and previous guest in your room
  • It’s always better to clean all the surfaces that you might have to touch in your room
  • Always ensure that you’re provided with clean sheets and it’s better to avoid room service
  • Avoid shared spaces during the peak time
  • Avoid the bar and dining room

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