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Women and Alcohol Consumption

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The drinking pattern of women are not similar to men’s, particularly in terms of the type of alcoholic drink, amounts, and also the frequency. Moreover, women’s bodies have different reaction to alcohol compared to men’s bodies. Hence, a drinking woman faces certain health risks. If you are a woman and has a drinking habit, you must be aware that there are certain health risks that are associated with alcohol consumption, especially those who drink a lot. If you are about to head out on the town you certainly want to be responsible when having a few.

Why a Higher Risk?

Studies show that women, even at low drinking levels, can have alcohol-related health problems. One reason is probably the fact that most women weigh less compared to men. Furthermore, alcohol sits in body water, which are comparatively less in women’s bodies. So, after a drink, the woman’s blood may have a higher alcohol concentration compared to the man who also drinks the same amount of alcohol. Hormones and other biological differences may be a contributing factor as well.

What are the Risks?

The health risks of drinking alcohol may include:

Liver damage. A woman who drinks is more likely to have liver inflammation or alcoholic hepatitis. This condition could lead to liver cirrhosis.

Heart disease. If you are a chronic heavy drinker, your risk of getting heart diseases is higher.

Breast cancer. Studies show a link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer. A woman who consumes at least one drink a day has a higher chance of getting breast cancer compared to a woman who doesn’t drink at all. The risk heightens by 10% for every drink you have per day.

Drinking during pregnancy is very risky. Drinking heavily during pregnancy may increase the risk of having a child with facial abnormalities and behavioral and developmental problems. Drinking while pregnant can also increase the risk for premature labor. If you are  pregnant or trying to conceive, stay away from any alcoholic drinks.

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